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Archery Elegance Premium Rug - Sandy - 2183A

Archery Elegance Premium Rug - Sandy - 2183A

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This rug features a sophisticated tapestry of tribal-inspired vertical striping, each column presenting its own unique set of motifs and symbols in a muted, earthy color palette. The subtle variations between the stripes create a rhythm across the weave, while the overall design remains consistent in theme and tone. The detailed borders anchor the central patterns, framing the artistry with a complementary aesthetic. Masterfully woven, this rug harmoniously blends the ancient allure of tribal art with a modern design sensibility, making it a versatile and elegant addition to any space. 

Collection Pietra
Pile Material Modal Silk-Polyester
Points 2.880.000 points/m2
Pile Height 8 mm
Weight (g/m2) 2.600-2.750 g/m2
Technique Machine-Made Rug
Origin Made in Türkiye
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